Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Everyone Else is Doing it!

People are stupid. Seriously.

My parking garage has a single driveway that feeds two gates. EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY there is a line of chumps waiting to get in the garage. Why? Because like lemmings they all feel the need to line up at the same gate. Failing, apparently to realize that if there are two gates, two cars can slide in at once! The novelty!

Sometimes, for fun, I sit at the gate and pretend like I don't know how to make my card work, just to see if they'll wait patiently behind me rather than break rank and move to the other gate.

Because I'm an asshole.

3 little kittens say Meow:

Lin said...

You're right, people are totally stupid sometimes.

Also, I'd totally do the same thing ;)

kristin said...

And that is why I love you.

33 questions said...

I forgot how much I love you. I had no idea you were here still as it's lonely under my rock. I welcome me back to you.

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Sentence: Loadica from recent visits to California and Colorado, Sheree forgot why she was writing this post.