Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Move Aside, Award Winning Blogger Coming Through

Good news Peeps! I have been awarded a prestigious award called the “Arte y Pico” award! An award so coveted that YOU HAVE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF IT, it’s that secret and awesome. It’s so awesome that I get a magical…..just never you mind what it is.

I got this accolade of great glory from the hilarious Lorrie over at http://www.ournameisblog.blogspot.com/ That’s a lot of “blog” in one blog, but she’s well worth seeing past the repetitiousness of her blog name because she is a drunk like me….I mean blogger of great caliber.

She came to visit this filthy mouthed corner of the world and she thought little ol’ me was worthy of this wonderful recognition. You know what? I SURE FOOLED HER! And you know what else? I’m taking it and running gleefully away to pet it, and love it, and call it George.

You know what the best part is though? It’s the kind of award that you pass on down the road once you’re done molesting it. And by molesting it, I mean licking it. And by licking it, I mean….licking it. What the hell else could I mean?

I mean LOOK AT IT…..

You know you want to lick it too.

So here’s how it works, I am going to use my MASSIVE power to bestow this coveted glory on the following five people (in no particular order) who must then pass it on to others of equal, um, quality.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please give it UP for;

Miss Nadine Hightower at http://www.velvettush.blogspot.com/ because she’s my beloved blog sister. Beloved for being a)shorter than me and b)a kick ass beehive wearing queen of the country road.

Liz, My heterosexual pig farming life partner at http://www.elikapeka.spaces.msn.com/ she doesn’t blog much, but it’s because she’s busy chopping up bodies…FARMING. I mean farming.

Landinn – at http://www.landinn.spaces.live.com/ she gives awesome job hunting tips and rights insightful blogs about deep topics. Unlike someone you might know who blogs about her own ass a lot…

KWR221 at http://www.kwr221.blogspot.com/ she’s my new snarking buddy. We visit all the same sights and gasp at all the same fashion tragedies and yet still manage to not stab our collective eyes out with proverbial forks. AND she has a boat. She hasn’t invited me over yet, BUT SHE WILL.

And drum roll please…..the final Arte y Pico goes to……

Manda at http://www.sweetpainintheneck.spaces.live.com/ Miss Manda has three adorable babies, a hunky man, a lovely new house and she’s gorgeous. So I hate her. JUST KIDDING. I love her. She’s also very funny, very sweet and CANADIAN. I know, right?

So there you go ladies, you too can be one of about 65,000 people who are now equal to Nobel Peace Prize winners, the Poet Laureate and the Baby Jesus.

6 little kittens say Meow:

kwr221 said...

I'm just tickled pink.

Oh, wait, that's sunburn.
Nevertheless, I'm delighted.

This has, um, never happened to me before.

So, anyway, I'll take care of putting this honor up on it's proper shelf (and passing it along), just as soon as I get home - yes, I'm back at work, dammit.

Yes, I'm REALLY working.

Anyway, after I unpack the horrid, dreaded vacation laundry I'll get right on this.

:::SMOOCH::: There. I did it. Love ya.

Amanda said...

YAAYAYAYAYA! I love awards! I feel so loved :) If you could see me right at this very moment, sweating and stinky, you would totally change your mind about me being 'gorgeous' ahaha...shower time..love you long time..

I'll be back, I'm addicted. I know crazy, EH? : P

Nadine Hightower said...

An Award???
Is there a trip to Oprah??

mmmm...my precious!!

Anonymous said...

I'm...I'm just overwhelmed! Thankee Thystle!
And I'd like to thank the acade...oh wait. Wrong speech :)

Landinn she of the tweetingmania

Anonymous said...

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