Thursday, May 14, 2009

Half Way Point

The last few days people have begun to notice that I'm losing weight. Despite the fact that BabyMama walked right past me because she didn't recognize me from behind and despite the fact that I can now wear M's jeans and even despite the fact that the women's fitness manager at the gym had to look at my name to figure out who I was after a year of casual chatting, I was pretty convinced that the weight I had lost wasn't that noticeable. It's probably because I see myself all day, everyday and I've become used to it. Much the way a frog in cold water doesn't have the sense to jump out when it starts to boil I suppose.

Yesterday, I borrowed M's camera so I could post a picture she took at a concert (Rita Cruz is no doubt crying with shame that her son looks like Joker - the Crack Years) and I cam across this picture from CK's bachelorette party

Granted, it's a none too flatter picture of any of the party. For example KL is grabbing her boobies and LW looks like she's going to die, while CF seems bemused and CK looks positively murderous. And I, dead center, of course, look like a cheese ball above all cheese balls.

A few clicks down the camera is a shot that she took so that she could brag about picking out my awesome mothers day gift, a turquoise and hematite sea turtle necklace.

I am struck by three things - one, that lipstick? Not so cute. and Two -When the hell did I get such a pointy chin? And lastly, I can finally see what people are talking about. And that makes all the puking worth it.

10 little kittens say Meow:

tjames said...

Good Job!! I wish I had that motivation.

kip said...

You Are Be-You-Tiful. Alas, people shall no longer confuse us for sisters from behind.

Damn you for leaving me alone in Fatville. I must go eat a donut.

kip said...

That actually was not Kip. He is one of those ass-less men. that was me-Lorrie-using his computer.

Jane! said...

Well, your pointy little chin is looking fabuous!
And damn Kip/Lorrie for mentioning donuts!

Ruby said...

I was all ready to come here and congratulate you and tell you how fabulous you are, when I got totally sidelined by Kip being mistaken for a woman from behind.... But it was just Lorrie, out to confuse the shit out of me!

Yay you, MT!

Nadine Hightower said...

High Five!!

I watch the girls in the gym, I know that WE ALL need some encouragement that WE ARE doing good and TO KEEP UP the good work....But Above all...I Will Be You're Number One Fan No Matter What.

And I mean that in a totally non lesi sorta way.
Non stalker way....NON MISERY WAY. I would never hobble you.

totally in a sister-for-all-time-sorta way.

Bj in Dallas said...

Gorgeous!! I am also trying to slim down, and its a struggle. Your MD photo with your necklace is stunning! good job!

blairspage said...

Wow... you have lost a lot of weight! Way to go! Gorgeous darling! :)

Hugs - Tiff

Mr. Crabgrass said...

Hawt either way, but you know how I feel about the situation. =)

Anonymous said...

Nice. You don't have a pointy chin; you have a classically heart-shaped face ;)

Love the necklace and you, Coz, look AWESOME!