Thursday, May 7, 2009

the princess and the pasta

The weirdest thing about this whole lack-of-a-stomach experience is that I'm not hungry but I think about food. ALL THE TIME. Partially, this is because many foods hate me (chicken, I'm looking at you) and so finding something to eat is a challenge. And partially it's because there are many foods that I love but simply no longer eat. Foods like bread. And rice. And glorious, glorious pasta.

I love me some pasta. I love it so much I dreamt about it last night.

There I was, wearing purple striped tights, a bathing suit and a tiara,

trying to find a place to take a nap, but before I could do so I needed to find a pillow. But all I could find was empty pillow cases. I searched high and low for something to fill them with before deciding on pasta.

Yes, pasta.

Suddenly there was pasta surrounding me.

I try spirelli. To lumpy. Next, I try spaghetti; too pokey. No, no, that won't do....macaroni? No. Shells? No. On and on down the list I stuff my pillow case full of noodles and then thrash around trying to get comfortable until at last I try ziti. At last! I snuggle down into my ziti filled pillow while a talking bear tells me stories and pets my head. At last I drift off to sleep in my dream as the scent of marinara leaves me drooling into my dream pillow.

Which is proof, I suppose, that you can take the fat off my ass, but you'll never get it off my brain.

5 little kittens say Meow:

Nadine Hightower said...

Ziti....oh that's a shame you can't eat it. Bummer.

But the fat on your ass.

OHN said...

At least you look lovely in your tiara.

Lorrie Veasey said...

You should submit this to AMBIEN as a possible ad campaign.

Could you not chew the pasta and then spit it out? I would try this myself except for that reflexive swallowing mechanism.

And the fact that I am a pig with no self control.

Bobby's Dream said...

Oh yes, I love that idea...swirl it around in your mouth and taste it then spit it out....oh Lorrie is a genius!

Will that work with my Dr. Pepper craving?

Bj in Dallas said...

who is making these rules about what you can and cannot eat?

your doctor or your stomach? I would be mad at both.