Monday, June 9, 2008

Not Really A Post

I usually dream very vividly and I usually remember them. And usually? They make NO SENSE.

But last night I dreamt up the best reality show EVER. If I knew someone to pitch it to, I totally would. It was called "Apocalypse". It was similar to Survivor, but much more hard core. The contestants were unaware when the show would start, the crew just shows up at your door and you have one hour to grab whatever you can carry, push or drag from inside your house to help you survive in a remote location the longest.

Of course, there is a twist. Once you've gathered all your stuff, but before you leave, you draw a card that "twists" your fate. Maybe you have to leave behind everything but what you're wearing on your body (if you happen to be wearing your pack, you're golden, but if your pack is on the ground? SCREWED), or maybe you have to take someone with you, but you both have to survive on only your gear or maybe you have to switch places with a member or your household. For example, the husband was the contestant, but the wife has to go in his place.

Then, they drop you in a remote location with a camera and a sat phone (so you can call out when you give up and so they can check up on you at a scheduled weekly time). Whoever lasts the longest wins $50,000 a year for the rest of their lives.

What do you think, would you watch it?

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