Monday, November 16, 2009


Recently my Monday posts have been effervescent with venom bottled up from Weekend Drama. Not today. I had a great weekend. Doing nothing. Hanging out on the couch talking with friends. Eating WAY too much guacamole (is there such a thing? No? I suspected not) in honor of National Guacamole Day on Saturday. I bowled a good game and didn't get bitched at (or maybe I did, but I was too busy sneaking drinks of Cosmo and playing with my Gigibella. (CAN NOT believe she'll be one in three weeks! Craziness!))

To top off a fantastic weekend of lazy, my bestie is in town all week and I'm going to skip out of work early so we can hang out every afternoon.

All this KikiGlee is probably the harbinger of some sort of getting hit by a bus like drama to come. But for now? I revel.

Not to mention I got a new bra and my boobs look AMAZING. Seriously. Like I HAVE boobs again.

PS. You're welcome interwebz. I know you haven't seen enough pictures of my boobs recently. It's a result of The Crazy. The more that people tell me how "skinny" I've gotten, the more self conscious I become. I never really thought about my weight in relation to my looks before surgery. I was pretty, The End. Fat or not, I work at it. I don't leave the house in my sweats and pony tail with no make up. Ever. Not even when I was on-my-death-bed sick dragging myself to the store for NyQuil. I still put on jeans and combed my hair. Partially it's my Grams fault. I don't think she's ever once left the house with out lipstick and partially it's just that I'm pretty much as vain as humanly possible (despite my POS car) and partially it's that I believe Fat Girls, like drag queens have to Bring It. Sure, skinny girls looks adorable in their little yoga pants and tank top, but us fatties? Not so much. So I worked at it. From the time I was 12. I never doubted that I was pretty until about thirty pounds ago. It's weird to realize how invisible I really was. Now people LOOK at me. Hard. Which, of course, has fueled my obsession with my appearance in a somewhat unhealthy way. Not that I WANT y'all to stop commenting on my hotness...HELLO, VANITY, it's more that now I start to doubt my assessment abilities. How is it possible I looked amazing before only to find that I look both totally different and amazing now? Did I not look amazing before? Was I deluding myself then? Am I doing it now? Whatever. I'm hot. And my boobs look FANTASTIC in my lipstick-red bra. And that's enough.


I think those pills for The Crazy are starting to work.

Or maybe it's all that guacamole I ate.

Who cares?

Party on, bitches. Party on.

10 little kittens say Meow:

Kr√ęg said...

Yay! Boobs!

Doc said...

Very nice if I do say so myself !!

Nadine Hightower said...

I have thought you have always looked fabulous!!!
And what kinda bra? VS now has one out that makes you look 2 cup sizes bigger....I'm already a D!! ACK!!
But I'm willing to do it...I'm so vain.
Notice there are very few photos of my brunetteness. Roy said, "fix it back" So we'll see what color I come up with next.

Sheila said...

OK, now I am feeling sorta bad when I told you how fantastic you looked recently. I did not mean you didn't look fantastic before -- cuz girl, you're fine. I think I was just shocked at the drama of it all, you know?!

But the girls?! They still look amazing -- as they should!

mepsipax said...

Hmmmph. No one stares at my chest. Maybe it is the hair? Hairy nipples aren't good in my book

CK said...

Nice rack! I am, as I have been since puberty, very jealous. I think it's very possible to be both fabulous then and fabulous in a new and different way now.

Also, WWGD (or what would gram do) is a major force in my decision making. She's made it this far, she must have pretty good instincts, right?

Lin said...

You look great!

I totally need to get myself one of those bras :)

ZDub said...


You have a nice rack.

Baylee and Blair's page said...

Awesome boobie picture!

And, yes... you are HOT!

Hugs - Tiff

Bj in Dallas said...

please share with the class what flavor of bra that it, because I really need to get in the game if that is the result......


glad the crazy is going away