Monday, October 26, 2009

So I adopted him

J's friend Dr. Brain came over yesterday with his little guy Robbie. Robbie is four and patently adorable. He calls me Miss Thystle. I know, right? He calls M "Miss Boo". HIGH cute factor in this one.

When they got there I was in the process of cleaning house. Robbie, who had never been to our house before was wandering around looking at stuff.

"You've got a picture of Miss Boo as a cowboy!"

"You've got so many books!"

"Your house is old! It's like a museum!"

As he was standing in the living room examining the knick-knacks around the TV he reaches over and runs a finger down the TV screen. Excitedly he turns that line into an "R" and then writes his whole name with his adorable little fingers in the dust on the TV screen before turning to me, face alight, huge smile radiating ear to ear and says

"I can write my name on this TV! I LOVE IT!"

I'm pretty sure his dad wanted to die, but *I* gave that little moppet a bag of M&M's because really, how awesome is that? To be excited by dust? Then I made his day even more awesome by handing him the swifter duster and letting him dust everything he could reach.

As they were leaving he runs over and hugs me and then with his most polite manners says

"Miss Thystle? I love your house. Can I come over and help you next week?"

OH HELL YES you can little man.

8 little kittens say Meow:

mepsipax said...

Ah now the true reason for children come out. Household help. Hey, it hurts our backs to reach the lower stuff.
Nice stuff Thystle

OHN said...


Lin said...

ha god-daughter is my lil house cleaning helper, AKA: free child labor.

She thinks it's super cool that I let her use the swiffer duster, lets hope she never grows out of it :)

Kr√ęg said...

Is age four too young to mow the lawn?

Sheila said...

it's only cute when small children write their name in the dust. when your husband does it, not so cute...

Nadine Hightower said...

He could mow with one of those old fashion kind...without the motor!!

Bj in Dallas said...

send him here when he's done with your dust.

fattie20xl said...

make him sweep your chimny! like in marry poppens!