Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Even if it's only you....(GBE 48)

I am the one that left that twenty clipped to your tarp. I've seen you there before, huddled against the building to keep cool or warm or dry. I have seen the way that you look through me, the same way I am sure that people look through you. I would have stopped to talk to you, but you don't look as though you are interested in my penance so I waited until you disappeared around the corner before I made my move.

I hope that you used it to buy something you needed like a hat or a sandwich, but if you used it to buy a Forty and a dime bag, that's cool too. I wanted to leave you a note to suggest that you call someone. Maybe a friend, maybe your mother. I wanted to tell you that as long as there is someone in the world who remembers what the back of your ears look like when you are fresh from the bath that there is still hope; that as long as there is someone who knows what your laugh sounds like when you are genuinely happy that all isn't lost. But I didn't have any paper so I clipped the bill to the front door of your plastic and pallet board castle and walked away.

1 little kittens say Meow:

Lorrie Veasey said...

Snarky with A Heart Of Gold.

Seriously, ThystleDixie, you are SUCH a good writer. I mean you are a REALLY FREEKING GREAT WRITER.

And I'm not just saying that cuz I'm drunk--just sos you know.