Monday, August 4, 2008

Sanford & (well, no sons, because ICK)

I do not believe in washing my car. I’d like to say that it’s for some noble and earth conscious reason, but in truth it’s because I’m mental.

In the four years that I’ve owned The Juice, no one has messed with her. In contrast, my husband’s truck has been broken into twice, run into once and stolen once. Guess which one gets frequent trips to the car wash? In fact, the day they stole it, I’d paid $100 to get it detailed, the day it got hit, it’d been freshly cleaned as well. In my brain, this means that clean truck = bad things. Therefore, The Juice is and will remain filthy. I think it gives her character.

I do, however, try to cull the mess. No one wants to ride around in a dumpster after all, right?

Well, clearly when I say “no one” I didn’t take this guy* into consideration.

On one hand, you have to admire his tolerance for filth, because that can NOT smell good on days when it is 114*. . And what's with the 99c. Store seat cover? If your car is this filthy, are you really concerned about YOUR appearence?

But on the other hand, DAYUM. I need a gallon of Purelle, a Hep shot and a shower from just looking at it!

* Dude. You SO know this car belongs to a guy, because COME ON even the most slovenly of women are bound to draw the line at a seat someone has clearly vomited on.

5 little kittens say Meow:

Rob said...

I'll have you know that when I was still betrothed, those pics are similar to to what the inside of my sig other's vehicle looked like. No matter how often I tried to take care of it for her, my offers (and pleas) fell on deaf ears.

Mine? Always immaculate. Only because I'm OCD like that.

So gender bias or stereotypes here please. LOL

Eric said...

Want to bet women don't drive around in dirty cars worse than this. My aunt used to drive around in a car that had crap on the seats not kidding, eventually the car caught itself on fire in embarrassment, carbeque.

Nadine Hightower said...

That is just gross!!

Lorrie Veasey said...

Ok so I was momentarily distracted from this post by what appears to be a new section of flicker photos to the left. I thought: ARE THOSE ALL CONDOMS? ( For you Country Folk, I believe the term is Rubber, for your Mormon readers it would be Penis Raincoat) And I am all like DAYUM Miss Tystle must get a LOT of action to have a drawer full of pickle protectors like that, and then I clicked on it and it was BULLETS.

So I'm just reeling from culture shock here because in New York we usually keep our handguns and ammo in a satin lined box in our bedside tables, and the taxis clean their interiors regularly.

Miss Thystle said...

I've been in NY taxi's and I must say that the yellow cabs did seem cleaner the last time, but the "car service" cars remain dubious!