Monday, August 11, 2008

Material World

Here in the desert, school started for most kids last week. But because M goes to private school she’s still got about a week left. Like the epically prepared people that we are, she’s just started her back to school shopping. Because her grandmothers are taking her. I know, SWEET, right? Grandma’s way easier to talk into stuff than mom right?

The text messages regarding this little adventure have flown fast and furious between the Gram’s, M and me.

Mom: Whattt can (M) wear to school?
Me: Whatever.
Mom: Not helpful
Me: You’re welcome
M: MOM pls cn I hv dcs? AND EnV2?
Me: Yes shoes. NO phone
M: Ima B gud ths yr. PRMS
Me: Doubt that
Me: That’s my job
Mom: Your kid wears shoes that don’t fit
Me: Good luck with that
MIL: (M) wants to buy school clothes at goodwill?

Hold the phone here, chickens.

This morning, is running a lead story about school clothes for kids. They tout this article as being reasonable. So I’m thinking; “Ways to look cool but not break the bank”. I’m expecting to see Target, Steve & Barry’s and places like that. Clothes topping out around $40 per piece, because, let’s face it, 13 year olds are basically giant, slightly more ambulatory 3 year olds. Except messier. And with worse attitudes. And hygiene issues. And messier.

I about spit diet coke like a fountain when I saw their suggestions. Almost $200 for jeans? For someone who is going to write “I heart Nick Jonas" on the knee in about a week. I don’t fucking think so. Especially not in this economy. Inflation is up 8% in just the last quarter and that’s OVERALL. Some things, including cereal & milk are up over 10%, fuel for the car is a lovely $3 PER GALLON MORE than it was 3 years ago, there are 7 houses on my street alone in foreclosure. The jobless rate is at 5.5% and they’re recommending a $100 sweater for a child?

How out of touch can they be? The clothes aren’t even that cute!

So I and Anit-Establishment Grunge Kiki circa 1991 could not have been happier to hear that M is shopping for threads at the GW. Shows that she understands the greater state of the world she inhabits, that she recognizes the value of economy and the quest for personal style above blind devotion to mass marketed versions of acceptability. It speaks to her concern for the environment and her desire to use fewer resources by making use of items already in existence.

It says that she values personality above appearance and understands that anyone can buy a matched uniform of conformity from Macy’s but a TRUE fashionista searches for inspiration in all that she encounters.

Sets the bar WAY low for her allowance too.

Just saying.

4 little kittens say Meow:

Lorrie Veasey said...

or she could have been overly influenced by the response you got the day you wore the little overall outfit over your sports bra. I'm just sayin. The apple don't usually fall that far.............

Nadine Hightower said...

Oooor she knows that they have more grungie stuff there!

That's why my daughter wanted to shop there...and my step daughter...they had more things to look gothic! I'm so glad she didn't live with us.

Brittany said...

For someone who is going to write “I heart Nick Jonas" on the knee in about a week. I don’t fucking think so.

That was the funniest line ever, i almost spit my water out!

Anonymous said...

Landinn says:
OMG. I went to buy juice and ginger ale for a friend that is sick. (READ: My xbf who went out DRINKING on Tuesday and needed ME to get him stuff for his hangover). APPLE JUICE IS $4+! Kiki, you have my sympathies trying to feed and clothe a teenager. I can barely afford to feed little old me!