Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I've not got anything important to blog today, so in lieu of my usual well thought out and perfectly punctuated posts, here is a bunch of randomness for your viewing pleasure.
* I have answered the eternal question of why teenagers spend so much time in the bathroom. It's because it takes HOURS to apply this much eye make up.

* If you want a baby/dog/man to look at the camera, you're shit out of luck. They're not going to.

(ex. A)

(ex. B)

(ex. C)

* Unless you have treats. Then, you get this.

* My pants make it look like I have a load in my drawers. And, now that I've photographed it, apparently I also have a bad case of "noassatall".

(this picture is for Dream who thinks that there isn't enough pictures of my ass on the Internet)

* Not at all related to my ass, how cute is this guy?

That's Frank, my sisters other Dad. He might, or might not be a leprechaun. Verdict is still out. If you live in NYC you can see him and sister CF marching about with the County Tyrone pipe and drum corp.

* And finally, PDA, from your parents, is always, always gross. Always. And forever. Amen.

12 little kittens say Meow:

blairspage said...

Cool pics... thanks for your randomness! :)

Hugs- Tiff

OHN said...

Random shit is good. I get more comment when I post drivel then when I post something "good".

I have the same ass problem. My jeans are always gaping there and I need button extenders for my fat gut.

Miss Thystle said...

I think I'll post a blog about Pants Rehabilitation or something.

Also, I never used to post comments to comments in my comments, but now that I know it annoys Lorrie, I'm going to do it ALL THE TIME. MMMMWHHAHAHAHAH

Nadine Hightower said...

Your butt is shrinking!!! You need to buy new pants!!! SHOPPING TRIP!!!! WOO HOO!!!

Jane! said...

Wouldn't it be cool if teenagers could apply some of that attention to detail to something useful like cleaning the kitchen?

♥georgie♥ said...

I LOVED your randomness you shoulda added this post to un moms RTT mr linky!

You are brave posting pix of your assa

kwr221 said...

1. Why do teens do that to themselves when they are SO PRETTY without anything?!
2. Woot on the loose jeans, you GO GIRL.
3. OMG, your parents look SO YOUNG! How old are they?
4. My cats lounge about ALL DAY in PERFECT poses until I get out the camers.

Miss Thystle said...

1. Because they are INSANE.
2. But I *like* these jeans, sniff. And buying jeans is sooo traumatizing! But still, WOot!
3. My Daddy will be 58 and my mom will be 57 this year.
4. Same with my dogs. Not cooperative at all!

Ruby said...

I agree, there can never be too many pictures of your ass on the internet. Oh wait, I meant rack. Sorry.

I kind of like the pic of your Moms and Dad, especially since they aren't MY moms and dad! Still PDAin' in their 50's: that's awesome.

Bj in Dallas said...


Scandalous Housewife said...

That dog rules!!!

Bobby's Dream said...

Ass Pic makes me HAPPY!

Send me your frickin jeans! Muwahahahahahahaha!

I am soooo gonna be macking on Bobby when I am like 80 and he is like 60 cuz I am soooo robbing the cradle like that.