Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In Which We Do Good - with a picture of the PRIZE

Every now and then I stop using the Interwebs to surf porn and regale you with stories about my ass long enough to make an actual connection with a real live (allegedly) normal person.

One such (not even allegedly normal) person is my friend Crabgrass and his adorable little girl Emma.

Emma was born with a genetic condition called Angelman's Syndrome. I will admit to being shamefully ignorant as to the specifics of the condition, above that it's causes severe developmental delays in both mental and motor functions. However, I must also tell you that Emma has the most infectious laugh that I have ever, ever heard. It's a sound that's complete joy and you can't help but laugh with her when you hear it.

Emma and her Grandma are currently raising money to attend the Angelman's Walkathon in San Diego on May 16th, which uses it's proceeds to fund research in to the cause, treatment and therapies to benefit those born with Angelman's.

Now for the part where I hit you up for cash and then also bribe you.

For every ten dollars that you donate to Emma's personal pledge page I will enter your name in a raffle to win a genuine Coach purse. It's a brand new brown with gold trim "evening bag size" purse complete with genuine Coach tissue paper. Because details matter, people. The retail price on this prize is over $100. That's how serious I am, chickens! I'm willing to cough up a Benjamin in this economy AND help you (buy) your way into Heaven! (I'll post a picture this afternoon)(of the purse, not Heaven)

You can donate anonymously if you prefer. To enter, after you make your donation leave a comment on this blog entry with your position on the donation list and the amount of your donation and I will enter you into the contest. The walk-a-thon is 5/16 so the contest will remain open until then.

Please feel free to repost this request to your own blog, link to this entry or Tweet a shout out so that your followers can enter too.

Come on, you know you need the good Karma. And the purse!

7 little kittens say Meow:

Lorrie Veasey said...

I ponied up because that child is adorable and because I basically do just about anything you tell me to do. Which means it is a very good thing we don't hang out IRL around any bridges. Just sayin.

Ruby said...

I'll donate fo' sho', as soon as I quit being lazy and go get my wallet. Which will surely happen soon?

I'll be back, because every. single. childhood illness makes me cry. And Emma is a DOLL.

Mr. Crabgrass (aka Rob) said...

You're too good to me. =)

sheila said...

I am HAPPY to help!! Those eyes on Emma, geez! How could anyone NOT donate?!

Just finished doing it, very simple. Come on everyone, do it!!

You're a good egg, Thystle.

Jane! said...

Um.... could you tell Lorrie to send me Sexyhusbandohers?

Yeah, I'm going, I'm going. What a cute kid!

Ruby said...

Believe it or not, y'all, I DID get off my duff, found my wallet and donated to help sweet Emma! If I can do it, so can you!

(Confidential to Thystle: You may find my donation under my alter ego's name. She controls the financials over here. :) )

Mr. Crabgrass said...

Thank all of you for your time, donations and well wishes. Emma, her mother and I truly appreciate it.