Friday, December 5, 2008

Winners, BaBy Update, Public Service Announcement and a NEW CONTEST!

Hiya Chickens! I've spent about the last 24 hours and the hospital, and if you've been reading my twitter updates, you'll know that as of yet, there is no progress. And by "no progress" I mean that the baby mama is still at 1cm and 0% effacement. Which means no adorable squishiness today either.

But, we do have two contest winners! Yay! Contest winners! Because I'm on the hospitals computer I couldn't do anything fancy like Miss Lorrie Veaseyalways does, so I randomly wrote down two numbers between 1 & 33 (33 being the total number of comments received) and with out further ado, that makes our winners

RPC (with the stellar suggestion of DUCT TAPE as next years must have) winning the flower clip


Melaina25 (with the dubious, though no doubt sadly accurate prediction of PEEP TOE GLADIATOR BOOTS. A trend from which I, for one, will not partake, thanks just the same) winning the cocktail ring!

If y'all would be so kind as to email me your mailing addresses, I'll drop your goodies in the post some time next week.

Now, I want to make sure that you kids are aware that tomorrow is one of the most important days of the year. It's a day second only in it's glory to the date of my own personal birth. It is perhaps more glorious though because everyone gets to celebrate it with equal vigor. It's


WOOT! That's right! It's the day of the year when every woman should be escorted by her significant other to the nearest jewelry store and be allowed to chose what ever her heart desires. This brilliant day says to the lady of your heart "I know I'm an asshole, but here's something shiny to help you forget it." Acceptable Sparkly Day gifts include all manner of jewelry, new cars, designer hand bags and should the love of his life so chose, perhaps professional home remodeling. Basically, whatever Mama wants, Mama gets.

I recommend all you girls tell your husbands/boyfriends/wives about this, the most special holiday of the year. Gentlemen, you know what needs to be done, so unsheathe the credit card and get to it.

And lastly, since wee baby Gianna is being a pill, I thought we'd have a little fun. In the comment section, leave your best guess as to the day, hour and minute of her arrival. The person closest to the correct time will win....something. Oh! I know, I have one last flask-and-booze prize sitting on the shelf.

SO! Guess away and happy Sparkly Day to all y'all!

12 little kittens say Meow:

Jane! said...

Ooh, I can SO sympathize with the momma - I carry the cast-iron cervix gene. Totally pitocin-proof.
I am going to say.... Sunday at 2:30 pm.
Uh, you might not want to wait around.

Heidi said...

Booo, just b/c I didn't win, and you are waiting at the hospital, I'm going to say Sunday 2:13 am (I know, such an exact time...I'm just weird like that!)

Sheree said...

Saturday night - 8:45.

So, my brother, the one I'm trying to marry off? Well, he was my lamaze coach because dip shit father was willing to share sperm but not himself. Any how, according to him, I was evil incarnate, constantly trying to bite him - a couple of times successful enough to draw blood.

I'm all hooked up to machinery, beep beep beeping away next to a pitocin drip and coach o' mine feels it necessary to let me know that another contraction is coming. Uh - Bite me? You think I don't know I'm about to get hit by a train, AGAIN?

He told me he was permanantly scarred by the whole live birth experience, which could explain why he never married.


PearlsOfSomething said...

Dh doesn't look pleased.

I say tomorrow (Sat.)at 6:16pm, since that's how my induction went. Which is why I now wait for my babies to decide when they're ready!

Bj in Dallas said...

1:33 Saturday afternoon, Phoenix time

blairspage said...

Dammit... I was SO hoping to win the ring! UGH... maybe this will be the time to win. I'm guessing tomorrow (Dec. 6th) at 11:32 pm. I'm guessing she will weigh 8lbs 4oz. Besides... I'm really needing the booze to help calm me down. I'm a little stressed out these days! Note to self: Check to see if Blair's medicaid will cover my future AA meetings. JUST KIDDING!

Hugs - Tiffany

kwr221 said...

Friday night/ Saturday AM - either 3 AM or 5:45 AM.

Lorrie Veasey said...

I think 12/6 at 1:00 pm
and I'm still thinking c section, sorry.

sheiila said...

I guess since I didn't win that sparkly ring, I need to have Sweet Hubby take me to Tiffany.

OK, I vote Miss Squishiness will make her arrival Saturday night, around 8:40pm. And I, too, am thinking C-section.

As one of my friends husbands said after her C-section: "I'm happy about it - it's keeps the integrity of the vagina intact."

So there you go.

Bj in Dallas said...

I actually enjoyed my C Section,
had it all scheduled, pedi/mani the day before with lunch with my sister A, a little shopping, and show up Friday at the hospital.

wonderful drugs afterwards, too, was a benefit, and yes, no integrity lost on the vagina...

where is that baby????
I was a month overdue, if that helps...

Bj in Dallas said...

that actually is my new excuse for my procrastination problem.

started at birth.

blairspage said...

Any updates on the baby or the baby mama?

Hugs - Tiffany