Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I have, as usual, about 64,000 things that I should be doing, but of course am not. Not because I don't want to do them; but because I'm stubborn like that. And there's always tomorrow, because last time I check the filing elves were on strike. Short, lazy, bow legged bastards.

Lorrie was making fun of me the other day. Not that I'm tattling, but I totally am. She suggested that I should re-register this blog at and at first, I'm all, OW, MEANIE, but then I thought, that's frappin' hilarious. Because, let's be honest here, I do post a wicked lot of pictures of my boobs and my ass on this blog.

What can I say, they're magnificent. Awe-inspiring, even. SO THEN I thought what a great opportunity for a contest!

So, here's the contest; finish the following sentence;

My blog should REALLY be called________________because________________.

Enter as many times as you like, the winner will be drawn at random from the comments, so the more you comment the more chances you have to win!

The prize will be......A FLASK and a shot of some kind of alcohol!

The contest will run through Sunday night. If you can talk one of YOUR blog readers into comming over here to comment and they mention your name, you'll get an extra entry.

Awesome, right? I KNOW.

18 little kittens say Meow:

kwr221 said...

::::sigh:::: you make these contests too HARD! I'm not feeling very creative right now.

So maybe you can just rename my blog "Just a Little Whine" because that's all I seem to do lately.

Haha, like how I worked in a contest entry even though I'm feeling sucky? That should count for something!

Jane! said...

So is this supposed to be about OUR blogs? Or yours?
Like my blog should really be called The Wall 'cuz I don't have a rack like Miss Thystle?

Nadine Hightower said...

My Blog should be named, Stacked.
Like a Frappin' Brickhouse!

And you could add that song....She's a brickhouse. Cuz that's just soooooo kewl!!!!

PearlsOfSomething said...

My blog? It should be renamed "Empty Shells" because there really aren't any pearls to be had!

Your blog? I'm still working on making something about the darkest parts of people's minds a bit more succinct.

I like rum, fyi.

kwr221 said...

Here's another one:


well, that's another story.;-)

Lorrie Veasey said...

My blog should really be called Thystle's Bitch.
Because if we ever end up in prison together, I am so your girl.

Lorrie Veasey said...

BJ's blog should be called
whatis verbose
(insert 5 paragraph reason here.)

jedimasterbooboo said...

I have a blogspot blog, too.

I'm overwhelmed at the momment, but rather excited to read all this as well.

Your friends are funny.

Nadine Hightower said...

The Holy Order of the Redhead

Becuz: Rev. Kiki rocks our souls with wise words of fashion and annoints us with booze.

And I thank you for that,
Sister Nadine of the Church of Emmaculate Shoes

Husband Clothes said...

I still love "Wine Makes Thystle Clever."

That title is one of the very few that makes me laugh aloud before even reading a blog entry!!

Bj in Dallas said...

A. I can say this over here because T hasn't sold out for dental.
C. Did you buy a case of Flasks from oriental Trading or something?
D. YOUR blog should be called
I'll show you mine whenever you want me to because they are friggin huge and you will be amazed at the fact I can balance a friggin tray on them and serve drinks while doing $1 shots at the bowling alley in a miniskirt
E. The end

Bj in Dallas said...

was that verbose?

Miss Thystle said...

it should be about YOUR blogs. Or mine. Either way. I'm just very needy and fishing for comments.

No, I didn't buy a case of flasks, though I should. But since I'm not crafty like some people, I've got to give you something that reminds you of me. I thought about giving autographed pictures of my boobs, but figured that would attract the wrong kind of readers.

Or not. Y'all are a twisted lot. That's why I loves ya.

Racie Lover said...

Your blog should really be called

Btw, not to wenge or anything, but I am still awaiting my liquid prize from your last contest. You know, where you chose my word "frappin'"? I noticed you used it on your blog already so I think you like it okay so where is my booze? I'm just sayin'

Miss Thystle said...

YOU TAKE THAT BACK, Racie. My boobs are SO real.

Just for that I'm so not going to mail your package that I've been driving around with for a week and a half.

Ms Diva Star said...

Hrm...."Inside my mind...Enter at Your Own Risk"

Because while I don't post very often, when I do? It tends to run from the mundane to the emotional to the violent to the weird and to the random....but why am I telling YOU this???

You already know!

I miss you and love you sis!

Racie Lover said...

Ha! I thought that would get a reaction out of you, Thystle.

Of course they're real. If I had your chestiness I would probably have them plastered all of my blog, too. I am just jealous.

Jeankfl said...

Nadine sent me over.. I lurk sometimes... let's see..
My blog should be "babies" because that's a lot of what I show!!
and yours should be "snortin" because that's what it makes us do a lot of! ;)