Monday, June 22, 2009

Right or Wrong?

Husband and I had a...let's call it a disagreement...about this and I'm still annoyed, because OBVIOUSLY I am correct and he's an ass. But I'll let y'all weigh in, just in case I'm off my tree here.

It happens.


BabyMama is in the kitchen making dinner. Smooth is upstairs playing video games. BigSister is sitting on the couch and baby Gigi is in her Bumbo chair on the coffee table about a foot away from BigSister (she's ten)


Gigi has figured out how to make her arms and legs work and wiggles free of her Bumbo (first time she's ever done so) and topples off the table. BigSister sees her escape (at her own admission) and makes no move to catch her (also, her own admission) and when Gigi is lying on the floor screaming her head off, rather than picking her up says, filled with wonder 'Sissy fell' as BabyMama sprints the 10 feet to the couch, climbs over it and snatches baby up.


Gigi is fine, but BabyMama is annoyed with BigSister for being a foot away and not only not preventing her from falling, but also doing nothing once she's fallen.


I'm ALL on BabyMama's side here. At ten, you should be old enough and responsible enough that when asked specifically to do something (keep an eye on the baby, in this case) that you should be capable of doing so. She wasn't left alone with the baby and was close enough that doing ANYTHING could have prevented the fall.

HSB says it's BabyMama's fault. Why? Because he's fucking crazy, that's why. Yes, she's the adult, but let's be realistic here, she left baby in a (presumed) safe place with an older child to watch her while she was FRYING FOOD ten feet away.

I say she was reasonable to do so, he says she's neglectful.

What say you?

(PS. No, Gigi isn't allowed to sit on the table anymore)

12 little kittens say Meow:

Lorrie Veasey said...

OK here is where I stand:

1. Babymama TOTALLY wrong for putting baby on the table regardless of who/who was not in charge of watching her. Babies should never go on top of tables, beds, swimming pools, escalators, or into baths while in the care of other children or males of any age.

2. First Child obviously has some issues with baby. I think First Child needs some special time with Babymama that does not involve baby. First Child may feel like she has lost her right to a care free childhood and the love of her momma with the birth of the baby. Babymamma might consider paying First Child for babysitting services in order to teach greater responsibility. Please rent A Very Special Episode of Family Ties for more info.

3. I am so happy darling baby is ok. I think enough bad stuff has happenned--let's have ice cream for everyone and move on.

4. But of course, if I had to pick, you were right. You are ALWAYS right Thystle.

OHN said...

Around these parts of the hills, 10 is the age that many kids start babysitting. Now there are 10 year olds that can barely feed themselves then there are 10 year olds that are graduating from college. Assuming that BigSister is somewhere in between, I think she probably knew what was coming and didn't care. If she was asked to watch the baby, instead of it being assumed, then she needs a good swift kick in the butt, or at the very least have her cellphone/laptop/ipod etc removed for a bit. Gotta learn your lesson missy.

20 bucks says BigSister was engrossed in TV and didn't want to be bothered.

As for who was at fault, my money is on BigSister. BabyMama's have to leave the room once in awhile to make food to feed BabyDaddy (cuz we all know he can't do that himself) and should be able to entrust the baby to someone for a bit.

So, I agree with you, right? (Even if not, husband is not now and and never will be a BabyMama so he needs to get a's hard, time consuming work asshole)

PearlsOfSomething said...

As a BabyMama who is CONSTANTLY frustrated by the fact that BigKids seem to have ZERO ability to holler "Hey, that baby's trying to crawl up the fireplace/walk out the front door/eat rocks/eat the cat", I'd love to say it's Big Sis's fault. But I'm not gonna.

BabyMama can come join me on the Tends To Forget Who Chose To Birth Baby couch.

Bj in Dallas said...

I think as you have children, you should also grow an extra eye (very attractive) because NO ONE will watch your baby like the baby mama....

paying the older child will probably work.

Husbands are ALWAYS wrong when they disagree with the spouse

Miss Thystle said...

since I can't get into blogger to edit this post, I want to add that I totally agree that GiGi should never have been on the table to begin with.

I don't BLAME Bigsister for her falling, but I do find her culpable for agreeing to do a task and then not doing this case watching the baby. Then again, kids are kids, and accidents do happen.

Also, BigSister is BabyMama's step, so while I do agree to the jealousy, it's a bit more complex than that.

And lastly, I would like whipped cream on my ice cream.

Ruby said...

I'm weighing in with you, MT, and Lorrie. BigSis is TEN, she absolutely is old enough to watch Baby (hell, my five year old would have broken her leg trying to help her sister!). StepSis clearly has issues.

What I want to know is: WHY IN THE HELL WAS SMOOTH PLAYING EFFING VIDEO GAMES WHEN THE BABY NEEDED TO BE WATCHED? Something tells me that Mr. Thystle sees nothing wrong with this scenario? Neither would Mr. Ruby. Makes me want to scream.

Nadine Hightower said...

Being a big sister....totally the big sister fault! If she was put in charge of the baby, she's should have done something!!!

kwr221 said...

I agree with the wise and sage miss Veasey, except that I think it was reasonable for BabyMomma to fry food and feel confident that BigSis could keep an eye on Gigi.

Susan said...

Hi! I've been by a few times but thought maybe I should comment or something, now is better than never. I love your blog, it is quite amusing and I need lots of amusement.

I'm not sure whom all these people are in the post but I'm sure BabyMama feels bad enough and does not need us making her feel worse. I have a nine year old and although she is good with younger children, I can't say I would trust her to watch an infant and not screw something up. 10 year olds don't have a very long attention span, hell, my 14 year old doesn't have a very long attention span and I wouldn't trust her to watch her sister (9) and not have something bad happen and at lease one phone call from each of them, one crying and the other bitching.

Jane! said...

I am going to color out of the lines and blame Smooth. Especially if Smooth's a man.

Kr√ęg said...

Hmm. I'm fairly certain global warming is to blame. I'd ground global warming for a week, or restrict its phone privileges.

fattie20xl said...

gotta side with your husband because i'm a man. and to be a man you must have honor. honor and a penis.