Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Big Hair

I like big hair. Sadly, I don't have the sort of hair that lends itself to big hair. I have more the sort of hair that girls of the 70's dreamed about. Flat, stick straight, BORING hair. Blah.

The 80's, being my formative years have forever instilled on my brain that the bigger the hair, the sexier it is, so when the trend toward "bumped" or "slightly bee hived" hair came in I was all over it.

Only, my hair? NOT ON THE SAME PAGE. As a general rule my smooth bob resists all manner of teasing, fluffing, blowing out, ratting...well you got the idea.

So when I saw THESE I nearly swooned in the aisle

FINALLY I could have the big hair of my dreams!

The kit came with a "medium" a "tall" and a "small" sized insert. The small is designed for the small, over the forehead "model pouffe" style hair do. No need for that as my bangs manage to achieve that bit of craziness on it's own.

The directions call for you to part your hair just over your ears and then flip the front section forward and tease the base. Um..ok. I'm not very handy, but it comes with a little rat tail comb, so I broke out my bottle of Big Sexy and ratted it up.

My hair stood totally, straight up, sideways faux hawk style. It was sexy. Only. Not.

So I stuck the medium sized insert behind the part and smoothed the front hair over it. Because my hair is fairly short, it made me look like less like Bardot and more like a Cone head. Unwilling to give up, I pinned up the sides, and voila! CUTE HAIR! In under 5 minutes! AND on my first shot.

This is how their models look once teased to perfection

and this is how mine came out.

Not bad, right?

Cost: $9.99

Worth: $9.99

Verdict: If you love big hair and are hair-talent challenged or you know, lazy like me, well worth the $10

10 little kittens say Meow:

sheila said...

See, every time I try stuff like this, it never works. I think I am instruction manual-challenged. Or else I have too much hair.

You see, in the spirit of full disclosure, I do have thick, wavy (almost) curly hair. Which I hate to spend time doing. So I am always looking for tricks to ease the morning rush...but usually it ends up on a ponytail.

Lazy, that's what I am!!

Kr√ęg said...

Will that work on mullets?

Amy said...

I loooooove it! I am also a fan of big hair. Want to start a big hair fanclub?

Miss Thystle said...

Sheila, I'll trade you hair.

Kreg, you should grow a mullet and try it! It'd be sexy! The girls would all dig it, PROMISE

Amy, YES! I certainly do!

Bobby's Dream said...

I soooooo wanted Bump-Its for my wedding. Alas, I did not get them in time.

I am glad you tried them, I still want them...LOL!

Beautiful, as always!

Lorrie Veasey said...

OMG are those things for HAIR?
No wonder they were so uncomfortable in my bra.

OHN said...

Sadly, I bet my hair is so thin it would just slide right off this contraption...teased or not.

Bj in Dallas said...

looks good in the photo, do tell us how hard or not they are to keep in.

ps. If you just MOVE to Texas, your hair gets bigger. Didn't you know that???

Blonde Goddess said...


CK said...

We thought we had a bump it spotting in the wild at the casino in the Bahamas, but it turns out the drunk slutty girls were just very good with a rat tail comb. They were very anxious to assure the drunken dancers I was hanging out with of this, even insisting that we touch their heads to confirm.

I've been secretly contemplating the bumpit myself as I have pretty volumrific hair but am also super lazy!