Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good Lord

You know how sometimes, you think, "Wow, I look totally cute today!" but then later, you see yourself and you wonder if just maybe your happy pills are starting to affect your eyesight? And that just maybe you should not ever, EVER, do your hair that way again, no matter what because your bathroom mirror LIES and you do not look fun or sporty, but instead like a big, cheesy dork?

Then, at the end of that day, you think "Thank GOD no one took a picture of me with that hair-do because it's exactly the kind of picture that would wind up on the news after something tragic happened and the whole world will be thinking that girl is such a dork. I swear if I EVER leave the house looking like that I hope I get hit by a bus too!"

But then as it turns out there IS a picture and now you have to move to Chile and you don't even speak Chileaneseish or what ever they speak down there?

Yeah. That's never happened to me either.

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