Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Soy Milk

So M says to me the other day "I don't like soy milk". Not one to let her just dislike something she hasn't tried, I said "When did you try soy milk?""The other day" she tells me.

That seemed odd, so I asked "Where did you try it at?""Here at home" she replied. Since I knew we didn't have soy milk, I was instantly suspisious. "Really?" I said "How did you do that?"Then in that charming way kids have, she said "I made it" like I was some kind of idiot to even ask."You made it?" I asked " How?" Rolling her eyes, she says "With *milk* and *soy sauce*"Trying not to laugh I tell her that's not soy milk, that's milk with soysauce."Well that's how you make *chocolate milk!*" I lost it at that point

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