Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Young Love

Today on my way to work I was stopped at a stoplight behind a hatchback with a duct-taped “Just Married” on the rear window.

In the front seat, the passengers were snogging their faces off. I paused to reflect on love so passionate that the thought of going an entire morning compute with out kissing was unbearable. I thought about how giddy they must be calling each other “Mr.” or “Mrs.” for the first time. Does he call her “wife”? Does she still have to stop and think whom they’re referring to when someone says “your husband”?

As the light turned green, they remained lip locked and oblivious to the world the way that only young love or new love can be. I remembered those first beautiful days, saving up little tidbits of my day to share, my heart leaping to my throat at the sound of his voice and I was filled with nostalgia for time gone by. And for just a moment, the briefest second I felt sad; then I laid on the horn and yelled “GET A DAMN ROOM!” as I drove around them.

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