Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Organ Trains

My favorite thing that kids do is get something *almost* right but still horribly, humorously wrong.

For example, when M was about two, I got a tattoo. She was very thrilled by this and wanted to know if I got the rub on kind or the kind you put on with water. I explained it was put on forever with needles. This apparently made sense to her. Several days later, she announced to my mother, "Look at Mama's tattoo! It's the sew-on kind!"

Last year, while watching Titanic she wanted to know who the actors were. Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio, I tell her. She pauses for a minute and says. "Isn't he the guy who painted the Philistine Chapel?"

Last night she comes home from school and asks,

"If you get your organs taken out, will you die?"

"I suppose" I tell her.

I can see the wheels turning here and she says

"Even kids?"
"Yes, kids are the same on the inside as adults" now I'm curious "Why?"

"Well at school today they told us that kids who didn't have parents used to be put on ORGAN trains and sent out west. Isn't that mean? Just 'because they don't have parents doesn't mean they should kill them!"

"Uh, I think you mean ORPHAN trains. You know, like Orphanages?"


Hee hee. Conversations like that are the reasons to have kids

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